Generally about the vehicle type approval

What is vehicle type approval?

“Vehicle type approval is the procedure of confirmation/evaluation of the vehicle conformity with the type approval regulatory requirements applied in the Republic of Croatia.” In other words, vehicle type approval represents vehicle test procedure concerning relevant vehicle systems having direct or indirect impact on the environment and safety of the passengers (e.g. engine, brakes, noise, safety belts etc.).

Since when is vehicle type approval required?

In the Republic of Croatia the vehicle type approval is required since 15th September 1997, i.e. the regulation entered into force from on this date. In the rest of Europe it is a standard procedure performed for decades already.

Which vehicles are subject to vehicle type approval conformity certification?

„Confirmation of conformity of the vehicle is done for all vehicle categories of new and used vehicles before their entry, import or sale i.e. before initial registration of the vehicle“, with certain exceptions (e.g. diplomatic representative bodies) and for the initial registration in the Republic of Croatia. For vehicles purchased in the network of our authorized dealers, we have already performed the procedure, as the authorized importer, and it must not be performed again. In case somebody wants to import the vehicle and register it in the Republic of Croatia on his/her own, one has to go through the procedure of certifiying individually tested vehicle.