A recommendation when purchasing used vehicles abroad

For all vehicles of the above mentioned manufacturers the designation of the year can always be found in the 10th digit of the VIN number and can be determined unambiguously according to the following pattern:

X - 1999, Y - 2000, 1 - 200, 2 - 2002, 3 - 2003, 4 - 2004, 5 - 2005, 6 - 2006, 7 - 2007, 8 – 2008, 9-2009, A-2010, B-2011, etc.

We would also like to point out not to purchase the vehicle according to the initial registration date but exclusively according to the vehicle identification number. The difference between the year of production and the initial registration date can be substantial.

You must pay special attention to vehicles manufactured for markets outside the territory of the EU. Vehicles manufactured for American market, for example, cannot conform to requirements in vehicle type approval tests. Namely, their type approval requirements do not conform to the European regulations.